RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000 Printed with lacquer

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000 is the high-end RENOLIT range. It offers the same quality guarantees as the  RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 but with contemporary designs and textures. All RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000 membranes are protected by a super resistant multi-layer of lacquer that extends the life of the membrane and prevents premature aging.

Why RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is the best Reinforced Liner on the Market


All RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced liners are 100% watertight and this is guaranteed in writing.


RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is the ideal liner for preventing problems related to pool water-tightness.


This liner system is suitable for new pools and for renovating old ones, as it can be installed in half the time it takes to install other systems, on any type of substrate and on any pre-existing material, and adapted to any pool vessel shape.

Installing RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is a business opportunity

Most existing pools are over ten years old and have problems related to leaks.


Wide range of colours, designs and textures

Higher margin for installers, due to the price and speed in installation

The liner can be installed in half the time, on any type of material

RENOLIT provides a written warranty that the liner will remain watertight for10 years

The liner can be adapted to any pool vessel shape or design

RENOLIT provides technical support at all times.