The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN liner is varnish

The top surface of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000/3000 pool liners are coated with an exclusive protective varnish, which has the main function of extending the liner’s useful life.

Our varnish has a high concentration of U.V.-absorbing materials, which provide the best protection against sunlight, the effects of time or adverse weather conditions.

The varnish forms a barrier between the liner and the water, preventing the migration of the plastifying agents and premature ageing of the liner.

This varnish ensures the liner maintains its resistance and flexibility over a long period of time.

It also acts as a protective shield against attacks by micro-organisms.

Furthermore, the varnish repels stains caused by suntan oils, lime scale deposits, organic matter and micro-organisms.

Benefits of the varnish

It prevents the development of bacteria and fungi, making the pool more hygienic.

It protects the liner from UV radiation and prevents premature ageing.

It repels dirt and stains, and makes the liner easier to clean.

It acts as a shield against scratching and grazing caused by constant use.