RENOLIT ALKORPLAN: PVC based single ply roofing membranes

RENOLIT Alkorplan PVC-P roofing membrane

The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN range consists of thermoplastic PVC-P roofing membranes. These have been used throughout the world for almost 40 years in the synthetic waterproofing of industrial flat roofs, for both new construction and renovation projects. (references) 

As standard, these roofing membranes are installed on the roof by mechanical fastening, bonding or ballasting. In response to market demand, the standard roof systems have been supplemented in recent years by a number of innovative roof systems which provide added aesthetic (RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN, METALLICS) and/or ecological value (RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT, ALKORGREEN and ALKORSOLAR).

Numerous customers all over the world have placed their confidence in RENOLIT products for the waterproofing of their roofs.

What are the benefits of a PVC based membrane?

Lyon station
  • Cost saving
  • Fireproof
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Durability
  • Very good physical properties


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