RENOLIT ALKORGREEN an optimized green-roof system


RENOLIT ALKORGREEN offers you a complete, aesthetically pleasing and ecological solution for the roof of the future. RENOLIT ALKORGREEN is an optimized green-roof system delivering considerable added value, for both new construction and renovation projects.

It is clear that the majority of green roofs currently being created are of the extensive type. RENOLIT ALKORGREEN is essentially an extensive green-roof system. It can however be adapted to both intensive and semi-intensive green-roof applications.

The low weight and minimum maintenance of the RENOLIT ALKORGREEN system are highly valued benefits, but the system offers much more.

Our experience with green roofs over many years has shown us that the virtually unlimited choice of plants opens up an equally broad range of design possibilities for intensive green roofs. "Roof gardens" of this kind are the work of specialists, and close co-operation between the purchaser of the roof and the horticulturist is essential. Since each green roof design is unique, a standard solution is often inappropriate. Should you be interested in creating an intensive or semi-intensive green roof, please contact RENOLIT.

What are the benefits of the RENOLIT ALKORGREEN greenroof system ?

  • Oxygen production
  • Benefiting the urban environment
  • Improved sound-proofing
  • Reduction of heating/cooling costs
  • New environment for the fauna and flora
  • Reduction of rain water run off
  • Increased life expectancy 


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