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The unique RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system has brought a step change to the way in which photovoltaics are fixed to single ply membrane.

A simple solution, the PVC profile and aluminium box section combination hot air welded to the surface of the membrane provides a solid mounting for all types of PV systems, both solar and thermal.

RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profile is light weight, non-penetrative to the waterproofing layer and omits the need for extra ballast. It works in harmony with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN and particularly RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT with longevity and strength guaranteed.

Common to all RENOLIT products it is thoroughly independently tested.

The flexibility of RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profile does not end with photovoltaics. This product also acts as a carrier system for façade materials, where the specifier wishes to waterproof with single ply membrane but also provide an alternative aesthetical finish to the roof surface.