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NEW PRODUCT for the agriculture building ventilation

PERFOLUX : The translucent rigid windbreak

Because ventilation and light are the keys to an efficient and healthy farm RENOLIT ONDEX innovates this year again by developing a new product range.

PERFOLUX is the first rigid and lighting windbreak. It consists of translucent and perforated PVC sheets, the performance of which has been validated in a wind tunnel. The bi-stretching manufacturing process gives it its strength which enables it to withstand straw blower impacts. PERFOLUX has a light transmission above 60% whereas a wood cladding and windbreak nests respectively have a light transmission of 11% and 30% (on average). It optimizes light, while controlling the ventilation thus ensuring a healthy environment in the barn. 



In 2019, RENOLIT ONDEX will take part to numerous fairs world wide

- From 14 to 19 January   / Germany Munich / BAU

- From 13 to 16 March      / Italy Milan     / MADE EXPO

- From 10 to 13 September / France Rennes    / SPACE

- From 25 to 26 September / Italy Milan     / BRICODAY

- From 2 to 4 October     / France Cournon   / SOMMMET DE L'ELEVAGE

- From 19 to 21 November  / France Paris    / SALON DES MAIRES




RENOLIT ONDEX, a pioneer in the CE marking of roofing and cladding plastics sheets!

Since July 1st, 2013 all building materials marketed on the European territory must bear the well known CE logo.

RENOLIT ONDEX, a world leading player for over 40 years on the PVC sheets market, is the first European manufacturer of plastics lighting sheets to affix the CE logo on its products!

 Without this marking it will be inadmissible in the future to install or even transport construction products… 

For RENOLIT ONDEX the quality and our customers’ confidence are two core values.

This is why the whole company took action on a daily basis to fulfil the requirements as they are written in the harmonised standard EN1013.2012** which was published in February 2013. 

We are the first manufacturer of plastics corrugated sheets in a position to offer our customers products bearing the new CE logo.

This marking implies mandatory documents: a declaration of conformity and a declaration of performance (DOP). 

So RENOLIT ONDEX assures its customers that its products fulfil the requirements laid down by the European regulation No. 305/2011 for construction products and that they can be installed safely. 

** Standard EN1013.2012: Light transmitting single sheet profiled plastics sheets for internal and external roofs, walls and ceiling



Utah Beach Museum

RENOLIT ONDEX sheets to cover the Normandy Landing museum in Utah Beach

RENOLIT ONDEX supply more than 1 000 m² of PVC High Resistance sheets to cover the Normandy Landing museum in Utah Beach.

More than 70 000 people visit this museum each year.

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