RENOLIT SHRINK films are transverse direction orientated (TDO) films - they shrink transversally when exposed to heat. At RENOLIT we offer two ranges of shrink film, one for the production of (wine) capsules and one for sleeve labels.

All RENOLIT SHRINK films are food approved. They do not contain heavy metals or plasticizers.

Capsule grades

The capsule film is supplied with a glossy or a matt/semi-mat surface in the following standard colours: Transparent, silver, bright silver, black, white or gold.

  • TD 43 - Standard grade film for capsules with 43% shrink. Two surface finishes available:

    • TD 43 G - glossy/glossy
    • TD 43 MG - matt/glossy

  • TD 45 - designed for high speed machines. The film has an enhanced shrink of 45%. This grade is also available with two surface finishes: 

    • TD 45 G - glossy/glossy
    • TD 45 MG  - matt/glossy

Sleeve grades

For sleeves RENOLIT offers the following standard grades made from rigid PVC :

  • TD 50 P - pasteurizable quality with 50% shrink
  • TD 57 S - steam shrinkable film with 57% shrink


This new RENOLIT ECOSHRINK film is designed for shrink sleeve labels of refundable PET bottles.

With a high shrinkage of up to 68 % the sleeve adapts perfectly to any container shape. At the same time, the PO-based film with a density of <1 kg/l floats in the water, even when fully printed. Thus the label can be separated from the PET bottle material in the recycling process in a float-sink process. For more details see: Renolit TDO shrink film with density less than 1kg per ltr.pdf