Overwrap and Medical Device Packaging

RENOLIT SOLMED Wrapflex film for blood bag packaging
RENOLIT SOLMED Carepack film for medical device packaging

RENOLIT SOLMED Wrapflex films are polypropylene films designed for the overwrapping / outer packaging of sterile solution bags and blood bag systems. Typically these bags and blood bag systems are steam sterilized in the overwrap in a one step final sterilization. The RENOLIT SOLMED Wrapflex multilayer films with full PP composition offer significant advantages over traditional PA or polyester based films such as higher gloss, greater transparency and better sterilization heat resistance.

For sensitive solutions we offer high clarity  RENOLIT SOLMED Wrapflex films with oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier functions.

RENOLIT SOLMED Wrapflex films are manufactured from medical grade raw materials inside a class 8 clean room environment. The system is based on a reliable peelable seal opening of the overwrap package with proven functionality for a.o. IV bags and blood bag systems. The films can easily be processed on all modern overwrapping machines.

RENOLIT CAREPACK thermo-formable films have been developed for the packaging of medical devices, particularly disposables such as bandages, catheters or operation gowns. These films can be sterilized by means of the most common sterilization methods used, such as ETO and steam sterilization. RENOLIT SOLMED Carepack films are produced in a certified Cleanroom ISO class 8. Suitable substrates include medical grade paper, both coated and uncoated, and polymer based substrates such as Tyvek(TM). Significant cost saving can be achieved when combining RENOLIT SOLMED Carepack films with uncoated paper or uncoated Tyvek(TM).