IV and pharmacological applications

The storage of IV solutions, drugs, active ingredients or other pharmacological solutions is supported by a wide range of RENOLIT SOLMED film and tubing compositions
RENOLIT SOLMED offers a wide range of PVC and PP materials for the manufacturing of reliable and high quality IV bags

The use of flexible bags for IV applications offers significant advantages over the traditional glass bottles and blown plastic containers. One of the most important aspects is the collapsibility of a flexible bag, making air vents redundant. Other benefits include weight and volume reduction and high transparency. Today the decisive factors in IV applications are quality, reliability and cost. RENOLIT SOLMED sets the standard in all aspects.

RENOLIT SOLMED MF518, Medipak, Mediflex and Infuflex are the standard for the packaging of sterile IV and pharmacological solutions. These polyolefin (PP) and PVC based tubular and double wound flat films have proven to be the most reliable and cost effective material for IV bags.

High frequency welding of the PVC based RENOLIT SOLMED Medipak offers a reduced risk of pinholes during the production of bags. PVC Medipak is available in DEHP, TEHTM, DINCH or other plasticized formulations.

RENOLIT MEDICAL offers a complete system for the manufacture of reliable and high quality IV bags, both in PVC and in polyolefin materials:

  • RENOLIT SOLMED Medipak (PVC) and Mediflex (PP) tubular film; Infuflex (PP) double wound flat film
  • RENOLIT SOLMED Medituub (PVC) and Tubeflex (PP)
  • RENOLIT SOLMED Medigranuul (PVC) and Granuflex (PP) injection molding compounds for port manufacturing
  • Ports and caps for IV bags and bottle closures
  • Rubber stoppers

The storage of drugs, active ingredients or other pharmacological solutions is supported by a wide range of film and tubing compositions.

The polyolefin based RENOLIT SOLMED MF518, Mediflex and Infuflex films can be used on the highly efficient fully automated heat seal machines that are available today. For polyolefin IV systems the unique RENOLIT SOLMED Tubeflex types can be combined with PP based RENOLIT SOLMED Granuflex injection molded ports, with polycarbonate ports and even with PVC ports.

For IV administration sets, RENOLIT SOLMED Medituub is the material of choice. Main features are the superior non-kinking properties, excellent transparency and suitable for steam, ETO and gamma sterilization. For critical applications, the coextruded RENOLIT SOLMED Tubeflex 3-layer PVC/PE tubing avoids drug ab-/adsorption to the tubing wall.

To support our customers during the registration period we offer empty bags manufactured with MF518 film.