RENOLIT SOLMED films for drainage devices and RENOLIT SOLCARE films for fluid collection devices

RENOLT SOLMED CAPD drain bag film

RENOLIT MEDICAL manufactures a variety of films and compounds under the RENOLIT SOLMED and SOLCARE brand names  for use in medical devices designed for fluid collection and urological drainage and collection; also suitable for various drapes and gowns.

Film products are provided primarily by calendering but some specialized articles are extruded utilizing RENOLIT MEDICAL's innovative lay flat tubing process or flat die extrusion techniques. RENOLIT SOLMED and SOLCARE PVC films are available in a range of PVC formulations offering different levels and types of plasticizers including DEHP and DINCH.  The variety of film manufacturing processes and formulations allows design of the best possible configuration of collection and drainage bag systems, ensuring ease of fabrication and optimum performance of the device.

The RENOLIT SOLCARE and RENOLIT SOLMED films for drainage and fluid collection are typically used in the following applications:

  • Peritoneal dialysis drainage bags
  • Urological collection systems
  • Wound drainage devices
  • drapes and gowns
  • and many more.

RENOLIT SOLMED and RENOLIT SOLCARE collection and drainage device films are formulated for easy fabrication by radio frequency welding.   -Products are available for steam, gamma and ETO sterilization.