RENOLIT SOLMED tubing is used in critical life saving cardiovascular devices

Extra-corporal circulation of blood needed in cardiovascular applications (e.g. during open heart surgery) requires tubing of the highest quality possible.

RENOLIT SOLMED Medituub Cler-S has been tested according to the full ISO 10993-4 standard for blood contact applications. The optically transparent tubing ensures superior blood contact properties. Both ends of the roll of tubing are closed by high frequency sealing to prevent contamination during storage. The tubing can be produced with stripes in various colors for easy identification purposes.

By embedding the colored stripe into the tube wall in a coextrusion process, any contact with the inside of the tubing is avoided and a stripe of uniform dimensions and color is realized. Printing of customer name, size and other details on the tubing is available. By using a laser printing technique, the occurance of ink particles contamination is eliminated. The specially developed ultra-flexible PVC pump tubing grades are an attractive alternative for silicon tubing.

RENOLIT SOLMED Medituub Cler-S is the material of choice for cardiovascular tubing packs, oxygenator- and filtration systems, etceteras.