Blood and blood components applications

The RENOLIT SOLMED blood bag films are used for the manufacturing of critical blood contact devices
RENOLIT offers special materials for cold storage
The superior batch-to-batch consistency and machineability of the RENOLIT SOLMED blood bag film is achieved by a specially developed film processing technique

The storage of blood and blood components is known as one of the most critical applications, the developments are frequent and the requirements are increasing every day.

RENOLIT MEDICAL is known as the world wide market leader for the basic materials for the manufacturing of blood bag systems. The RENOLIT SOLMED Transfufol, Infufol and ES blood bag films are supplied to the world’s leading manufacturers of blood bags and blood processing systems. Important factors are the consistent and reliable quality of the films, often custom made in co-development with our customers.

Some features are: superior embossing stability during the steam sterilization procedure, guaranteeing the non-blocking properties on both sides of the film. Different surface structures are available enabling a good blood separation both on automatic as well as semi-automatic fractionation machines. The compositions of the films have been carefully tested for their blood compatibility.

Various formulations are available, including DEHP, TEHTM, DINCH and citrate plasticized films. Special PVC and polyolefin based compounds offer high oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability for platelet storage. Thickness ranges from 0.20 to 0.75 mm, width ranges from 50 to 760 mm and for some film types 1350 mm.

The specially developed RENOLIT SOLMED Transfufol film processing technique combines the advantages of calendering and extrusion, resulting in a superior batch-to-batch consistency. The strict clean room conditions, web cleaning technology and in-line slitting guarantee a low particulate level.

The RENOLIT SOLMED Transfufol, Infufol and ES films, Medituub and Medigranuul are used for the manufacturing of critical blood contact devices such as:

  • blood bag systems
  • flexible leucocyte filters
  • aphaeresis systems
  • transfusion systems
  • platelet pool bags
  • venous reservoir bags
  • and many more.