RENOLIT SOLMED films use for flexible disposable bioreactors

The biotechnology sector is one of the application areas where continuous and frequent developments result in increasing material requirements.

In this field, RENOLIT MEDICAL is one of the leading suppliers of materials for the most critical applications such as media bags, final product and sample bags, flexible cell culture bioreactors and cell therapy.

The RENOLIT SOLMED Infuflex, Tubeflex and Granuflex PE based products offer the biotechnology industry a new platform for disposable products. An extensive extractables study has been completed confirming the ultra-low leachables level of these products.
High oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor barrier properties are incorporated in the RENOLIT SOLMED Infuflex multilayer films. In a width up to 1.4 meters, these films are suitable for 2D and 3D bag design. In addition, the RENOLIT SOLMED Infuflex barrier films exhibit unprecedented high clarity.

RENOLIT MEDICAL supplies special barrier materials for the storage of cell culture media. The Medipak UVO offers excellent oxygen, carbon dioxide and UV barrier properties. Available in widths of 125 to 400 mm, this 5 layer coextruded tubular film is suitable for media bags up to 20 liter capacity.

Special EVA and polyolefin films are available for stem cell storage and cell therapy applications. These specially developed materials combine very high oxygen and carbon dioxide transmission rates with excellent cryogenic storage properties down to -196˚C.

For fluid transportation, the RENOLIT SOLMED Tubeflex 4502 offers an excellent flexibility and sealability. The tubing is suitable for pump use and has a proven ultra-low extractables profile.