Films for exterior window profiles


Films improve the appearance of plastic window profiles by providing both a decorative and functional benefit. Foiled frames will not change their appearance for the entire life of the window in spite of sun, wind, rain and frost. They only need minimal cleaning and need never be painted. The films are available in many solid colours and wood effect decors. They are industrially and permanently bonded to the plastic profiles.

RENOLIT SE introduced these films on the market almost 30 years ago. RENOLIT EXOFOL products have been market leaders for many years.


RENOLIT EXOFOL MX is the classic outdoor film for Northern and Middle Europe.

This range is a standard in the portfolio of plastic window manufacturers. It makes window frames easy to maintain and durable and look better than simple plastic frames.

Other materials can also be coated with this film such as aluminium or cladding.




Films for window profiles


RENOLIT EXOFOL PX is the latest film to be added to the portfolio.

It is a unique exterior film which lasts longer outdoors. Especially in Southern Europe or similar climates. The film features improved performance in all aspects of the product construction which results in better weatherability and longer product life. 






RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is the premium product which can be used all over the world without restrictions and benefits from additional special features such as anti-graffiti properties.

It is especially designed and formulated for harsh tropical and subtropical climates i.e. Australia, India, North- and Middle America and South East Asia.

This product can even be used for complete facades.

All window manufacturers who work with well-known profile and window manufacturers know RENOLIT EXOFOL products. Just ask your window maker or building component supplier.

Investing in a window laminated with RENOLIT EXOFOL gives you a modern and durable product for renovated and new buildings.