Coating system for facades

Façades are designed in many different manners. More and more frequently, modern architecture uses coloured façade elements for special accents.

In addition to the decorative purpose, it is very important that these building elements retain their colour throughout their service lives, while being easy to care for. 



RENOLIT. Das Original.

Now also on the facade.

With its coating system for aluminium building elements, RENOLIT now also offers manufacturers of elements for  back-ventilated curtain-walls a way to use the advantages of customised coatings.

A newly developed material formulation tried and tested in practice now permits cold forming of, e.g., coated aluminium boards and aluminium composite sheets in cold rolling and canting procedure without stress whitening.

This makes it possible to meet design wishes flexibly and with short times to delivery even at small lot sizes, e.g. for accents on the façade. Detailed reproducibility at concurrently extremely high UV and weather stability make subsequent attachments, building expansions or repairs easy as well. 



• new, attractive design options                 • many colours and patterns
• available in small lot sizes • guaranteed, detailed reproducibility
• can be combined with other building elements • extraordinary UV and weather stability
• low maintenance and care effort

• on request with integrated graffiti protection 

Example Applications

Aluminium honeycomb panel with rustic wood pattern. Attachment to aluminium substructure with mechanically attached clasp system on the rear.
Aluminium composite sheet in metallic silver and PVDF protection layer.
Bonded to substructure of aluminium trapezoidal profiles.
Aluminium siding system with wood pattern.
Concealed screw connection to aluminium substructure.


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