3D Applications

As the market leader in the field of thermoplastic films for 3D applications, RENOLIT develops surfaces which meet the highest demands in terms of design, quality and overall performance. Our 3D films are used for the manufacture of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture components. With their limitless possibilities they also offer innovative solutions for retail interiors, hospitality areas and office spaces. 

Continuous investment in new technology and manufacturing has led to the production of materials with superb performance characteristics. RENOLIT COVAREN, RENOLIT ALKOREN and RENOLIT ARMOUREN all have excellent mechanical resistance, light fastness and stain resistance. The materials have outstanding dimensional stability and are resistant to temperatures commonly found in kitchen environments. The surface of RENOLIT 3D film is coated with a scratch-resistant lacquer that protects the material in use and helps withstand wear and tear. The back of the film is coated with a special primer to promote a durable and lasting bond. The primer has been specifically developed to be compatible with the world’s leading adhesive systems.

RENOLIT 3D films are supplied as decorative surfacing for lamination to machined fibreboard (MDF) using a thermoforming process. To guarantee the ideal processing conditions for our materials, we are happy to give advice and support with information on processing, storage and cleaning.

Many colours and decors in our new range coordinate with the world’s leading decorative panel, laminate  and paper producers. The current colour and décor reference lists are available from the download section. Designers have the flexibility to combine these materials to produce beautiful furniture and create stunning interior projects. 

With our limitless possibilities, we also offer innovative solutions for retail interiors, hospitality areas and office spaces.