The sustainability of PVC products demands commitment

RENOLIT supports VinylPlus


VinylPlus is a voluntary commitment by the European PVC industry to promote the sustainable production and use of PVC until 2020. The initiative follows-up the success of the previous initiative, Vinyl 2010, all of whose objectives were achieved or even surpassed.

RENOLIT views this voluntary commitments the key to future developments in the PVC industry. As a founding member of  the Vinyl Foundation, RENOLIT is one of the financial contributors to the sustainability initiative and is a multiplier of its objectives. RENOLIT is active in the Board of VinylPlus as well as the Board of the Vinyl Foundation and holding the chair of the Communication Committee.

Ambitious Objectives

Vinyl 2010 initiative also managed to establish a pan-European infrastructure for the gathering and recycling of more than 250,000 tonnes of PVC per year and to replace additives such as cadmium stabilizers. The European PVC industry has set itself the following new objectives with VinylPlus:

  • A quantum leap in terms of PVC recycling volumes and the development of innovative recycling technologies. According to this, an additional 800,000 tonnes of PVC per year should be recycled by the year 2020.
  • Voice thoughts about organochlorine emissions.
  • Ensure the use of additives based sustainable criteria.
  • To increase the energy efficiency and use of renewable energy and raw materials in PVC production..
  • To promote the sustainability of the entire PVC added value chain.

VinylPlus unites the large majority of leading PVC manufacturers in the 27 EU member countries along with Norway and Switzerland. The agreement on objectives until 2020 was conceived together with the Swedish sustainability institute “The Natural Step”. VinylPlus is monitored by an independent control commission whose members are drawn from representatives of the European Parliament, the EU commission, trade unions, trading organizations and from consumer groups.

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