Environmental Policies

RENOLIT SE is actively engaged in protecting the environment. Our objective, apart from improving quality, safety at work and the profitability of the company, is to continuously improve environmental protection. Existing legislation and codes are demands which we supplement with additional voluntary measures.

We strictly adhere to our company policies with the help of our integrated management system and pursue continuing improvements in our environmental protection. All responsibilities and accountabilities in ecologically-relevant activities are set-out in our management system. The effectivity of this system is routinely monitored by checks and evaluations of ecologically relevant activities and risks and backed-up by statistical analyses and audits. These are often the basis of new programs and objectives which are then implemented.

We accept responsibility for all of our products and dealings. Our efforts regarding the objective of continuously improving our environmental activities extents to the entire product life cycle, from development, to manufacturing, to use and, ultimately to disposal or recycling. The ecological impact of all new products or processes are examined and evaluated from the very beginning. In line with our objectives, we make every effort to minimize energy and raw material consumption and to use recycled materials wherever possible.

We cultivate an open dialogue with all interested partners regarding environmental protection. We also make every effort to engage and strengthen the ecological awareness of our employees. Training and information are the basis of success when it comes to implementing such awareness.

We actively promote cooperation with authorities and other interested parties to achieve effective solutions in the area of environmental protection. These also extent to preventative measures to minimize the environmental impact of accidents or mishaps.