RENOLIT Energy Policy


We are pursuing the objective of rapidly implementing all energy-related measures at our locations which are worth adopting from environmental or economic points of view. This also involves reducing the use of non-renewable forms of energy for the manufacturing of our products to an economically viable level. This is one of our contributions to climate protection. The conscious and careful use of energy is firmly anchored in our day to day activities.


RENOLIT advocates the sustainable use of valuable raw materials and actively participates in projects to save scarce resources. We identify our greatest potentials for improvement and pursue these vigorously. We avoid energy losses by optimizing processes in all areas. This not only protects the environment but also lowers our costs.

Strategic Plant Guidelines on Energy Policy

  • Plants analyze the necessary energy demand for our manufacturing processes and for all ancillary areas.
  • Based on these analyses, plants introduce worthwhile measures to cut consumption.
  • Plants establish the necessary parameters for successful implementation.
  • Plants explore new approaches to energy conversion and energy recycling and introduce worthwhile alternative technologies.
  • If appropriate, plants introduce a certified management system (for example, DIN EN ISO 50001).

Objectives (2014 – 2020):

The implementation of RENOLIT’s energy policy is the responsibility of the plants, will be coordinated by the Corporate Engineering department and accompanied by the cross-company Energy Management System (EMS). Following the principal of learning from the best, we want to examine processes more closely, identify and eliminate weaknesses and follow-up successes both internally and also externally in working parties.

Developing potential as well as the implementation of measures is largely the responsibility of the plants. Best practice solutions will be rolled-out throughout the company by the Corporate Engineering department.

Between 2010 and 2013, we managed to cut specific energy consumption by 16 %.

Based on the forecast conditions, the Management Board of RENOLIT SE has set the target of reducing specific energy consumption within the RENOLIT Group by a further 10 % by the end of 2020 compared to 2013.

To achieve this target, up to 8 % of annual investments will be earmarked for energy savings measures.

The objective evaluation of energy consumption will be based throughout RENOLIT on production-related specific data and will be recorded in the annual Sustainability Report.