Committed for a sustainable development

Economical, ecological and social

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of highly valued plastic products, we feel a special commitment to the topic of sustainability and are aware of our responsibility to both human beings and the environment. Our understanding of sustainability extends holistically to three dimensions – ecology, economy and society – which we have firmly enshrined within our corporate culture as part of our internal company initiative RESPONSIBILITY³.

There are many facets to acting responsibly, which is why we want to make a major contribution in all three dimensions.

Our credo:

• Economic responsibility sustains our company.
• Ecological responsibility sustains our future.
• Social responsibility sustains our community.

As an independent, family-owned company, sustainable profitable company growth is crucial. We see our highly qualified, committed employees as the key to this success. With our targeted human resources policy, we want to retain our employees for RENOLIT in the long term, foster their talents and also increase our appeal as an employer. This is how we would like to make our contribution to preserving the livelihoods of today’s and future generations.

Another focus is on continuously promoting resource-friendly production processes. In particular, we focus on consuming energy consciously and carefully, the highest possible degree of material efficiency and increasing our use of recyclates.

RENOLIT Sustainability Report


Environmental Policies

Our core aspects in the area of sustainability: