Here you will find publications and more information about our Trend Service Colour Road for current and future trends as well as interesting topics on design.

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"The Taste of Colours"
Press release Colour Road 19/20

"Sounds of Colour"
Magazine WIN Woodworking (4/17) 

"Sounds of Colour"
Press release Colour Road 2018/19

"We try to make trends more tangible"
Press release Colour Road 2017/18

"Authentic Emotions"
Press release Colour Road 2017/18

"Wind Poems"
Press release Colour Road 2016/17

"The Wind of Change"
Frank Stein, Issue 04/2015

"RENOLIT: The power of flow, presents the current trend Service"
Release on the website Datalignum

"Supplier with trend competence"
Frank Stein, Issue 02/2015

"Megatrends which act as beacons"

"Every movement has its colours" -
Press release for Interzum 2015

"The power of flow" -
Press release Colour Road 2015/16

"Flow - moving moments" -
Frank Stein, Issue 05/2014

Interplay of Lights -
Frank Stein, Issue 02/2014 

Furniture shows bold colours -
Magazine Woodworking and Furniture Industries (HK) 3/2013

Colour Road - Trend as a cultural reflex -
frank stein, issue 25

Colour trends 2012/13: From sunny to cloudy –
Magazine Woodworking and Furniture Industries 5/11

Functionality and aesthetics for tomorrow’s world  -
Magazine Zukunftsmotor Metropolregion Rhein-Nekar 01/2011