RENOLIT on a journey into architecture

RENOLIT is the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic films and panelling. Our products and systems are versatile and offer a variety of properties and functions. They protect, shape and decorate different surfaces and structures – furniture, swimming pools, roofs, ceilings, cars, facades, window profiles and indoor floors. Overhead lighting systems would be almost impossible without stretch ceiling film.

We specialise in the development, manufacture and marketing of complex high-performance films and panelling, and the building industry in the broadest sense is one of our most important business sectors.

Our development work to date has concentrated for the most part on solving building problems. This will also remain our chief focus in future. At the same time we will continue to work in close cooperation with leading architects and interior designers to create innovative and unprecedented uses for plastics in architecture. With this in mind we invite you to join RENOLIT on the road to architecture.