INNOVATION is a huge priority at RENOLIT

Only by making innovations on a daily basis is it possible to secure tomorrow’s success in the long term. This is why INNOVATION is firmly anchored in RENOLIT’s corporate strategy as one of our core values. We aspire to be an innovation leader in our industry. Our approximately 4,500 employees work towards this goal every day.

What does that mean for our collaboration?

⇒ We are convinced that every employee makes their contribution to the innovative strength of our company.

⇒ We support innovative thought and actions and we motivate our employees to contribute their ideas.

⇒ We promote a culture of innovation in which mistakes are permitted and which promotes learning through mistakes.

⇒ Through a targeted training and development programme, we encourage the innovative skill of our employees and we provide the required space to think collaboratively as well as offering incentives for developing ideas and suggestions.

⇒ We want to learn from one another, make knowledge available and share it.

How precisely do we do this?

We operate effective innovation management, meaning that we always keep our eyes and ears open for new approaches and methods, test them and implement them within the organisation. At the same time, we always keep our innovation pipeline in sight, we operate active portfolio management and measure our innovation success.

To complement our conventional ideas management process, we invite our employees to contribute their ideas via global idea contests on strategically important topics and offer the opportunity to work through these in teams. In this way, we network our knowledge and departments on a global basis.

But the good ideas that our employees come up with are of course not the only source of stimulus for innovation. There are also numerous activities that encourage exchange with external partners such as clients, suppliers, universities and institutes. 

Our Future Factory offers cross-company space and resources to promote promising innovative ideas beyond our core business in a market-oriented, corporate and creative manner. Here international teams work in collaboration with external experts to rapidly determine market and commercial potential.

An important element of our innovation work is scouting. Our focus is on seeking out trends, markets, technologies and materials. In this way, we want to identify change and potential and continue to develop over the course of time.

With our diverse innovative approaches, we work on becoming better every day and on fulfilling the needs of our current and future customers with our portfolio of services.