RENOLIT REFACE - Premium quality, multi-layer film

Smart solutions for facade design.

Long-term value retention and eye-catching design - two things which are of importance to facades these days. Easy to achieve with the self-adhesive facade film RENOLIT REFACE.

The facade film RENOLIT REFACE is easy to apply on site, is easy to clean, weathering resistant for at least ten years and available in a broad range.

Manageable renovation costs

Instead of painting or of a complete renovation, facade elements can now easily renovated in an easy and sustainable way:

  • Cost savings of about 50 percent
  • No interruption of the building’s use
  • No drying time
  • Less metal consumption

The Advantages


A broad range of colours means that the appearance of a Building can be completely changed. In addition, the plotter compatibility of RENOLIT REFACE generates endless design opportunities.


With a film width of up to 1.5 metres, RENOLIT REFACE is perfectly dimensioned for almost all facade formats. The high perfromance film is highly fire-resistant and the satin-embossed, structured upper surface can also smoothen-out slightly uneven surfaces. And opposed to paint finishes, films have a consistent thickness.



Easy to Apply

Thanks to our "Air Release Technology", RENOLIT REFACE can be applied bubble-free in one step. As a result of its low weight, the film is easy to apply in situ.


Simple cleaning and excellent weathering resistance result in consitently low maintenance costs. Naturally, RENOLIT REFACE is free of solvents. And again: Because the facade panels can be reused, significantly fewer materials (metals) are used.

Easy to Clean

The film's dirt-repellant PVDF surface simplifies cleaning because it hinders the adherence of dirt (Easy to Clean). Even graffiti can be easily removed.


Renovations with RENOLIT REFACE are about 50% cheaper than exchanging facade panels. In addition, the film's durability and simple cleaning further reduce overall costs.

UV- and weathering-resistant

The film's transparent acrylic protection layer and high-quality pigments give RENOLIT REFACE weathering resistance of at least ten years.