Film as Surface Protection: RENOLIT as the Film Specialist

Films as surface protection in the maritime industry – with these innovations, the film specialist has entered a completely new area. RENOLIT is now making a strong impact in maritime applications. Regardless of whether anti-slip films, fouling release films or protection films for working vessels: RENOLIT’s solutions for the seas and inland waterways always offer the maximum customer benefit.

Wrapping Workboats: Clean, Fast and Economical

RENOLIT sells its film innovations for workboats and ships as well as for other maritime applications primarily to industrial customers. Smaller quantities for private use are available from our constantly growing network of sales Partners.

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RENOLIT Nautilus

Corrosion protection for all above-water metal surfaces

RENOLIT NAUTILUS, the self-adhesive anti-corrosion film, offers long-term protection for all above-water metal surfaces. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, both small elements and larger surfaces can be successfully filmed. The polymeric film doesn’t become brittle or crack and protects metals against all types of corrosion such as rust, tarnishing, contamination, white rust and oxidation. As the surface of the film is impervious and neither air nor salt can oxidize the steel, the corrosion protection can last for up to 10 years depending on the specific application and the UV index. With this polymeric film, structures can be made “offshore ready” in record time.


The advantages of this film: Reduced operating and maintenance costs




The Biocide-Free Fouling Release Alternative Film

RENOLIT DOLPHIN S offers an alternative to conventional painting. In line with the concept of “Fouling Release”, it is based on a high-quality silicone layer and is totally free of biocides. The RENOLIT DOLPHIN S fouling release alternative reliably protects the surfaces of ships and offshore power generation plants such as tidal power stations and turbines in both fresh and salt water areas – and for up to five years.

Fouling release films: Environmentally friendly because free of biocides and energy saving

The Fouling Release technology gives the surfaces of your working vessel a water-like, smooth finish. Fouling organisms have difficulty attaching themselves to hulls and are washed off when the ship moves (above 7 knots). The surface remains smooth, water resistance falls and fuel consumption is lower.  


The advantages of this film: Reduced operating and maintenance costs | Biocide-free




Protection Film for Above-Water Applications

RENOLIT SHARK is a protection film for above-water applications. The film is weathering-resistant for up to 10 years (depending on the specific application and the UV index) and is easy to clean. It resists weathering and fading and therefore shields surfaces from environmental influences such as UV radiation. Wrapped surfaces therefore shielded from fading and scratching and look like new after the film is removed.


The advantages of this film: Esthetics  |  Colour and gloss stability




Anti-Slip Film for Enhanced Safety Above and Below Deck

RENOLIT CORAL is a slip-resistant (up to R13) and wear-resistant film for decks, stairways and wherever there is a danger of slipping. The glass beads and granules integrated into the slip-resistant film increase safety in wet areas of working vessels. RENOLIT CORAL is self-adhesive, flexible and durable. The film is also available in transparent versions and can even be ordered in customer-specified colours if minimum order quantities are exceeded.


The advantages of this film: Safety




The Biocide-Free Anti-Fouling Film with Extra Protection

Tugboat on river Weser

RENOLIT SEAL is an extremely robust Fouling Release and protection film for underwater applications. It can be used in fresh and salt water areas and is recommended for offshore installations such as oil and gas platforms or energy generation plants and wind turbines. Its flocked finish offers particularly good protection against barnacles. The film even provides protection if a working vessel runs into sandbanks.


The advantages of this film: Reduced operating and maintenance costs

 The characteristics of the products when applied can be influenced by a number of factors such as application area, application procedure or environmental conditions. Specific characteristics cannot therefore be agreed or guaranteed. The films may only be applied by certified contractors. Please refer to the corresponding technical data sheets for detailed product characteristics. Our application engineers will be pleased to advise on the selection of the best products and answer any other questions.